Friday, October 7, 2016

Review: Best Face Forever Face Wash by Perfectly Posh

I just wanted to share my review of the bff!! I wrote this after my first use of posh and it still rings true!

I have moderately bad acne at 32. (Ugh) I  usually buy a 10-20 dollar micro bead cleanser. I switch it up Bc I still haven't found one I am completely pleased with. I've used benzoyl peroxide (which clean but leave skin dry and feeling oily) salicylic acid based (which oddly make me break out more even if they clean well) ones with scrubbers, cream based, gel based... they all don't work! Bff is now my go to!

At first I was turned off by the smell of the bff bc it smelled oddly like my mother's peppermint foot cream. But the mixture of whatever the other smell is makes it very yummy smelling indeed. The grapefruit isn't a cheap knock off scent, that just smells citrusy. It actually smells like bitter grapefruit and not like orange! Paired with the peppermint, the grapefruit has almost coffee smell to it! So I went with it - the smells were vibrant enough to put a little pep in my step and I need that in the morning!

My face is cleaner than any other face wash I've tried. Black heads are gone but it doesn't feel like I haven't washed my face like other washes. And it still feels moisturized. Other washes with micro beads usually clear the blackheads but the skin either feels dry or it feels like it left too much moisturizer... usually with benzoyl peroxide creams. My face felt clean, pores felt clean and my skin felt moisturized not greasy.

 I wipe my face with my towel, not pat it. (Probably shouldn't do that, but oh well) My towel didn't feel like it was rubbing down sandpaper. It literally just glided down my face! Not Bc I felt greasy, but because the bff had removed old dead skin and moisturized what was left. I'm sold!

The peppermint, which I initially was turned off by, made my skin tingle a bit and the other smells with it complimented it perfectly! I did wonder if I needed to use a toner with it Bc frequently when you clean pores you should shrink them back with toner. But I wasnt sure and didn't want to mess up the perfection that was my face so I left it be!


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