Saturday, October 8, 2016

Review: Oh Snap! Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme by Perfectly Posh

With my bff face wash, I got a sample of oh snap! Big fat yummy hand Cream in delicious grapefruit Brulee. My husband likes citrus smells. I think it reminds him of those Brazilian girls who tan by the pool that he served as a waiter when he was in his 20s. So I steer clear of them for this reason.

Plus grapefruit, orange, pineapple, coconut.... they always smell so cheap to me!

I noticed when walking out that my skin was dry. So I used my sample on my forearms and my calves. When it went on it was thick, but not so thick that I felt like if I touched something else it would end up greasy. It was thick and soaked into my skin instantly. It didn't rub off and I still feel VERY moisturized and it is 4pm. I left for church at 8. I don't feel the need to reapply!
Now let's talk about the smell. I don't know what corner of heaven they harvested the amazing grapefruit of which they squeezed to produce this concoction, but if I don't get my own tube of big yummy hand Cream in this scent I think I'll cry. Me, the self professed citrus hater.... I need this. It isn't cheap smelling. As a matter of fact, it has a hint of something else that pairs with the grapefruit that makes me feel like gnawling my arm off! In a good way! I passed people at church who followed me with their noses for a second. It wasn't overwhelming. You know if you smelled someones hand Cream and it was gross you would turn your nose up. If I smelled this I would be intoxicated!! And I would probably make a comment as to how I needed to pinpoint the smell so that I could buy some for myself! It wasn't too much. Just a hint, but it is enough that I can still smell it on my skin even though I'm 8 hours in at this point. If this smell had disapated by now I would reapply just so I could smell it again. But I have no need to as it still smells the same as when I applied it 8 hours ago! My husband will be happy, he loves these smells lol

Even the downside isn't a downside. I don't know that my very musky colognes that I frequent would mix well with this. But honestly I don't even care.


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  Reviewed by Donna Knox, Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant

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